Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sleepless Nights.

Sleepless nights are dreadful. They always seem to occur on the days where you feel the most warn out... For me, that was today. I was so excited to get to bed early and get a good nights sleep, but here I am, sitting in the dark, passing the time till my eyelids can close peacefully. It's strange though, how different things are at night. Have you ever just walked through your house in the middle of the night without turning on any of the lights to guide your way? Tonight I did that, everything seemed so unreal, the lights from chargers bouncing off the walls, the foggy nights sky that transforms the moons light to something abnormally bright, and the way everything seems so hazy. It felt like I was in some kind of cartoon...I'm not sure how to explain it really..perhaps you can try it some night and you will get what I mean. But then again I tend to perceive things in abnormal ways...

Whenever I can't sleep I like to write... It always helps. So now it is time for me to stop. My eyelids are closing, and I wouldn't be surprised if I soon started typing gibberish.
Good Night World.

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