Thursday, June 24, 2010


Anything we feel is an emotion. Often our choices are moved by our emotions. They can be powerful, and can simply drive you mad. Having an emotional talk with someone can bring out feelings you never even thought you had. Or can lead you into a choice you had never even thought possible.

Life can be hard, and the people in your life can make it even harder....or easier depending on who you surround yourself with, or what kind of family you have.

In life you are given a set of roads to take, each road leads you to a different future. Successful or not. Sometimes you pick a road to fast and you miss out on all sorts of things, with friends, with family.... you name it.

Recently I made a decision to move in with my mom in Alaska, I thought it through very thoroughly before making my ultimate decision. I'm still planning on going, so don't jump ahead of yourself... But I discovered why it's been so hard to pack my things... The date I chose was July 19th, and lately it just feels too close. There are people I want to spend time with before I leave, but with work and everything it's hard to fit in the time.. So what I think I'm going to do is wait till summer is over, then start my new life in Alaska. Ultimately I think it will be for the better.. And that way, I can give my friends a proper good bye. I think it's a good plan.

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