Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do it for you.

Judgement, a common denominator everybody fears, whether they admit it or not. People do not like to be judged poorly, and often this prevents people from doing things that makes them happy, or it simply makes them self conscious to express their self accomplishments. There are people who who really could care less about what others think and they become successful in whatever it may be that makes them happy quite easily, but the vast majority stay stuck and don't know how to move forward. I'm here to say, do what you love for you, and not for anyone else. Don't give in to their criticism unless its constructive. No person should be held back because they were not supported, yes it is harder to commit to your passion if no one is there by your side cheering you on, but if its your true passion nothing should stop you from pursuing it.

Once you get past that challenging beginning where you were your only support and you pushed yourself to become successful people will look up to you, or your work. Many people look up to those who went through a rough beginning, they will think, " Wow look at what that person had to go through just to get to where they are today." or something along those lines.

Right now I myself am working to get to my goal, just like everyone else. It takes effort to reach the next level. Creating this blog for me, was my next level. I want to do many things, but it's definitely a challenge to get to that point. So here I am, typing out my thoughts for you to read. Thinking this will bring me to my next step.

Note: I will be adding more pictures for this one later.

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